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200GANA-2109 Sex scene for the first time for 2 beautiful girls

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200GANA-2109 Sex scene for the first time for 2 beutiful girls. Two girls who found at the Vietnam Festival Nampa Nene and Nie-chan each other at 20 years old attending the same university Many people are usually together with each other to verify the friendship between the two girls good friends Move to a studio (hotel) in the name of an Internet program Quickly, ask for each other's favorite places for friendship verification Gentle, cute, fun together, etc. I've listed a lot, but I'm not interested in that, so I'm going to ask a question about the contents that I stepped in. "When did you etch recently?" ... "Yesterday night" and "2 weeks ago" w both Pursuing drunkenness at a drinking party and pursuing a talk at a man friend's house, discovering that the same man friend N had an etch w an discover w saw each other's face surprise face w whichever N you and overnight It seems to have been an associate I have been shooting the lesbian play of female college students who are too close such good pat. Category: Amateur, Asian, Beautiful Girl, Big Ass, Blowjobs, Censored, College Girl, Cowgirl, Creampie, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Facial, Handjob, Lesbian, School Girl. ベトナムフェスで見つけた二人組の美女をナンパ寧々ちゃんと澪ちゃんお互い20歳で同じ大学に通っているという普段から一緒にいることが多くとても仲良しな二人女の子同士の友情を検証するインターネット番組と称してスタジオ(ホテル)へ移動さっそく、友情検証のためお互いの好きなところを挙げてもらう優しい、可愛い、一緒にいて楽しい、などなど。いっぱい挙げてくれましたがそんな事に興味はございませんのでグッと踏み込んだ内容の質問をしてみる「最近エッチしたのはいつ?」…「昨日の夜」と「二週間前」w二人とも飲み会で酔っ払った勢いで男友達の家で話を追求すると、なんと同じ男友達N君とエッチしていたことが発覚wお互い顔を見合わせて驚き顔wどっちもN君とは一夜限りのアソビだったようですそんな仲良し過ぎる女子大生たちのレズプレイをバッチリ撮影して参りました

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