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200GANA-2126 The petite girl first sex

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  • 24-07-2019

200GANA-2126 The petite girl first sex. Today's pick-up TV starts from late afternoon Shinjuku! In this place where Shinjuku Gyoen and 2-chome are close, and there are many offices, it's still a shame to call out to women in the break. There wasn't too many hits, so I was giving up saying, 'Don't you change the place ...' and found a cute little petite glasses girl who wears a distinctive T-shirt and check miniskirt! I'm convinced that "This is cool" by answering with a smile saying "I like Tapioca!" When I assault as "Please tell me what's popular now!" So, "It's actually. I compare the drinking and comparing of tapioca at a certain place." The rules are easy! If you succeed in drinking, you get a prize! If you make a mistake, you will have sex in the punishment game ... that's it! Then, "I think that I will get a prize because I have confidence ♪" and provocative but pretty reaction! I'm bringing it to the Challenge Room ... but after this! Can I have sex with this glasses girl!...

200GANA-2126 The petite girl first sex

Cast: Mao Kurata Category: Amateur, Asian, Beautiful Girl, Big Ass, Blowjobs, Censored, College Girl, Cowgirl, Creampie, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Facial, Handjob, School Girl. 今日のナンパTVは、昼下がりの新宿からスタート!新宿御苑や二丁目が近くオフィスも多いこの場所で、休憩中の女性に声を掛けるも空振り続き。あまりにヒットが無いので『場所を変えるか…』と諦めかけていたところ、特徴的なTシャツとチェックのミニスカを着こなす、キュートで小柄なメガネ女子を発見!ダメ元で「今流行ってるものを教えて下さい!」と突撃すると「タピオカが好き!」と笑顔で答えたことで『これはイケる』と確信!そこで「実はね。とある場所でタピオカの飲み比べチャレンジやってまして…」と切り出します!ルールは簡単!飲み比べに成功すれば賞金ゲット!間違えたら罰ゲームでセックスする…って流れです!すると「これは自信があるので賞金もゲットしちゃうと思いますよ♪」と挑発的だが可愛らしい反応!チャレンジルームへお連れするのですが…この後果たして!このメガネ女子とセックスは出来るのか!

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