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300MAAN-467 Maki Kansai lingo captures charming showy blonde ladies

  • Release:
  • 08-10-2019

This project is a project to pick up the girls who go to the city with a gusset, and to photograph and record the sex of a real amateur girl. The target this time was Maki-chan (20) who was calling a girls bar in Ikebukuro. Kansai dialect is a cute, flashy blonde gal that gets a great deal of free food! ! Maki-chan is working at a girls bar while attending university. As expected, it ’s a good Kansai-jin, and it ’s a bit of a bitch who ’s embarrassed! Boil the beautiful milk peeking from the beautiful slender body of the constriction, and roll up the erotic beauty ass of the pre-pure! White joy juice that feels too much and sticks to the panties! I can't stand 4D handjob attacking with too irritating movement to lick carefully without losing appearance! ! If you can't stand it, insert it tightly! ! The woman on top is too erotic to move slowly to feel the cock! ! If you attack with a violent piston, shake your slender body with outstanding sensitivity and squirt crazy! ! While looking at the butt that protrudes, the vaginal cum shot is finished! ! Then, "Is it over already?"

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