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Jav Uncensored Kanako Iioka Part 2

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1Pondo 103113_688 Kanako Iioka Part 2. Kanako, who was sold as a debt to her husband, was either complimented or trained in front of her owner. Even now, the open crotch is open and the masturbation appearance is exposed to the human eye. Even so, I remembered the old happy days I loved with my husband and escaped from reality. That day I put out a ring and proposed it. Husband's gentle look that included a mouth while saying that I would make a happy family. I received a lot of husband's semen that I left deep in my vagina, and I just hoped it would be good for the two. I came back to reality, and I had been masturbating in front of the owner. The dirty male container was forced into the elegant mouth and the sperm was shot into the body. Takako who stood in the trap of despair ... And then ... A husband with a big bag of cash appeared....

Jav Uncensored Kanako Iioka Part 2

Cast: Kanako Iioka Category: Asian, Beautiful Girl, Big Ass, Blowjobs, Cowgirl, Creampie, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Facial, Handjob, Married Woman, Masturbation, Mature, Uncensored. 夫に借金のカタとして売られたかなこは、飼い主の目の前で辱めにあったり、調教されたりした。今もなお、大股を開きオナニー姿を人の目に晒されている。そんな中でも、夫と愛し合った昔の幸せな日々を思い出し、現実逃避していた。指輪を出しプロポーズをしてくれたあの日。幸せな家庭を作ろうねと言いながらオッパイを口に含んだ夫の優しい眼差し。深く膣に残してくれた夫の精液をいっぱい受け止め、二人の結晶になったらいいなと願うばかりだった。ふっと現実にもどり、飼い主の目の前でオナニーをしつづけていた自分がいた。上品なお口の中に無理矢理汚い男性器を押し込まれ、精子を体中に発射された。絶望の淵に立たされたかなこ…とその時…現金の入った大きなカバンを抱えた旦那が現れた…

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