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KBI-013 Haruna Aoi My lecherous wife

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  • 03-07-2019

KBI-013 Haruna Aoi My lecherous wife. KANBi exclusive actress "Shunna Haruna" get drunk at a dense moment .... After finishing the first shooting for the first time in the second book in the film and ban on creampie! ! ! ! Recently, sexual desire is only increasing, and it is said that she spends days to comfort herself with electric massager. An actor appears in the studio and exchanges a kiss while touching his hands. The tension gradually disappears in the eroticism which gradually becomes intense and hides the shady part by himself jealous love. The love juice overflows abundantly from the back of the vagina when the actor insults the ma ○ co with gentle and gentle hand. A transformational married woman who entrusts a meat stick with a face that seems to be greedy, and tastes each other sorrowfully while making a sound of each other, and pleads for insertion with a vile word from the limit of desire. It is engulfed in sweet stimulation with a violent piston that hits the uterus deeply. It is raw insertion and vaginal cum shot that the starving beauty maiden wanted. 'Sparkling play' that has not even experienced a husband invites her to extraordinary days. Category: Asian, Beautiful Girl, Big Ass, Blowjobs, Censored, Cowgirl, Creampie, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Handjob, Married Woman, Masturbation, Mature. KANBi専属女優『春名 葵』が濃密なひと時に酔いしれる…。初めての撮影を終えてから今作で2本目にして中出し解禁!!!!最近性欲が高まっていくばかりで、電マで自らを慰めるよう発散して日々過ごしているという。スタジオで男優が現れ軽く手を触れながらキスを交わす。徐々に激しくなる愛撫に緊張もほぐれ悦びを隠せず自ら卑猥な恰好で陰部を露わに。じっくりと優しい手つきで男優がマ○コを弄ると膣奥からたっぷりと愛液が溢れ出す。物欲しそうな顔で肉棒を手に添え、互いの陰部を音を立てながらねっとりと味わうと、欲望の限界からか卑猥な言葉で挿入を懇願する変態人妻。奥深く子宮に当たる程の猛烈なピストンで甘美な刺激に包まれていく…。飢えた美淑女が望んだのは、生挿入・中出し。旦那とも経験したことのない‘火遊び’は彼女を非日常へと誘う…

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